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Garshana – Exfoliating Skin Therapy

A detoxifying, invigorating body scrub with ayurvedic herbal mix.  This therapy enhances the movement of lymphatic fluid, removes dead skin cells, and helps to break up excess fat, cellulite, and restore natural luster and vitality to the skin.  Garshana is often done as a part of pancha karma, if it is indicated.  cleansing therapies, it can also be added on to enhance a massage or abhyanga.

Basthi – Rejuvenative oil Therapy

Basthi’s are traditional therapies designed to purify the tissues, reduce and eliminate pain, and clear emotional blockages at their root.  A basthi is a warm oil bath, where herbalized oils or ghee are generously poured into a flour doughnut, which creates a pool or dam for the oil.  The oil is left for a period of time to be slowly and continuously absorbed into the layers of the skin and into the deeper tissues for profound purification, pain relief, and rejuvenation.

Netra Basthi – Rejuvenative Eye Therapy

A rare opportunity for deep nourishment and rejuvenation for the eyes, Netra basthi is an oil bath for the eyes.  Netra Basthi is often done at the conclusion of Pancha Karma.  It is performed by filling a dam, made out of dough and placed around the eyes, with warm medicated oil or ghee (clarified butter). Netra basthi clarifies and restores the eyes and has many benefits to the eyes including:

  •  Improved vision
  • Relief from redness, dryness, and eye fatigue
  • Reduces eye strain from computer usage, and day to day over exertion
  • Greatly helpful in conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration
  • Enhances and restores glow and luster to the eyes
  • Purification and Rejuvenation of the nervous system, as them are many nerves that intervate the eye.

Kati Basthi – Lower back Therapy for Injury and Pain Relief

Kati Basthi is a specialized therapy for the entire lower back and sacral area, it is the treatment for relieving chronic pain in the lumbro-sacral area.  As the lower back is bathed in warm oil, years of pain, soreness, and tension literally melt away restoring integrity and function to this vital area.  It is performed by filling a dam, made out of dough and placed on the lumbo-sacral area, with lukewarm medicated oil.  The numerous benefits of Kati Basthi include:

  • Pain reduction and relief for the entire lumbro-sacral area
  • Improved circulation to vital nerves in the low back and sacrum
  • Improved flexibility and hydration to restore integrity and function in the low back

Hrud Basthi – Heart Therapy for Deep Love and Proper Function

Hrud Basthi is a loving oil bath for the heart.  It is said in Ayurveda that the heart purifies all emotions into love.  The heart is also an energetic resevouir which stores old emotions, memories, and wounds.  This therapy helps the heart to integrate and assimilate past experiences which have been stored in the heart into love.   Hrud Basthi also helps to nourish, strengthen, and regulate heart functions. It is performed by filling a dam made out of dough and placed over the heart area with lukewarm medicated oil.  The benefits include:

  • Integration of past emotion, memory and heart ache for healing and release
  • Improved heart function and strength of vitality

Nabhi Basthi –  Navel Area Therapy for Enhanced Digestion and Vitality

Nabhi Basthi is a warm oil bath for the navel, the center of the body where it is said that all 72,000 nadis (subtle energy pathways) converge.  The navel is said to be the center of power and lifeforce and this therapy enhances the flow of vital energy, greatly increasing energy and power.  Nabhi basthi is the therapy for the digestive system, restoring proper absorption and assimilation, as well as clearing deep seated emotions that can be stored in the digestive organs.  It is performed by filling a dam, made out of dough and placed over the navel area, with lukewarm medicated oil.  The many benefits include:

  • Restored digestive function
  • Release of deep seated emotions in the digestive organs
  • Relief from gas and bloating, poor appetite, constipation,  abdominal discomfort, and irritable bowel  syndrome.
  • Increase in vitality and personal power