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Pancha Karma Treatments

Main Treatments

During your Pancha Karma, it is recommended that you do not work, so that you can direct all your energy towards cleansing.  The Pancha Karma experience is also a retreat for the senses, it is also recommended that you limit TV, movies, computer usage, and literature to inspiring, uplifting themes on very occasional use.  Remember you are cleansing not just body, but also mind.  Yoga, meditation, walks in nature, and other relaxing activities are encouraged.  The more you are able to take this time as a retreat the deeper your healing experience.

During your Pancha Karma, usually between 3-7 days, you will follow a simple mono diet consisting of Kichari, mung beans and rice cooked together with spices.  This mono diet allows your digestive system time to rest and the extra energy to be put towards cleansing the body.  Throughout the day, you will also be drinking cleansing herbal teas, in addition to ample filtered water.

For approximately 3 hours, a day you will be receiving Ayurvedic therapies at the Living Alchemy Ayurvedic clinic.  The therapies you receive are designed in your treatment plan and may consist of: Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage), Nasya (Herbal Nose Drops), Swedana (herbal steam), Shirodhara (bliss mind therapy), and Garshana (herbal exfoliation).  These therapies are designed to bring the toxins into the GI tract for elmination.

Throughout your Panchakarma experience you will also be doing a few therapies at home, like Virechana (purgation with castor oil to remove excess pitta or heat from the digestive tract) and Basthi (herbal and oil enemas to remove excess vata from the colon).  These therapies move the toxins out of your body so that you can experience a deep cleansing and renewed health.

The concluding treatment done towards the end of Pancha karma, is an eye treatment called Netra Basthi, in which the eyes are bathed in warm ghee or castor oil.  This treatment purifies the eyes are also balances the nervous system, which is connected through the eyes.

Please refer to the Ayurvedic therapies section to read more about some the treatments involved in Pancha Karma.