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Preparation for Pancha Karma

Pre Treatments

Pancha Karma process begins with an Ayurvedic consultation, to access personal constitution and determine state of overall health, so that a personalized Pancha Karma program can be created.  An Ayurvedic consulation should be scheduled at least two weeks prior to your start date of Pancha Karma (PK).  Then, at least one week before your PK  the Pancha Karma consultation should be scheduled, in which your personalized program will be discussed and any questions can be answered for optimal preparation.

For two weeks prior to PK, you will need to gradually eliminate processed, refined foods from your diet including white flours and sugar, in addition to dairy products, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.  You can favor a diet rich in whole, organic grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and fruits and in some cases occasional fish, add other meat based broths can be taken for those who need additional protein.

Additionally, you will start the Purvakarma (or pre Panchakarma) therapies with internal oleation a few days before you come to the clinic for therapies.  Internal oleation involves taking ghee or medicated oil on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.  This drives the toxins from the deep tissues and brings them to the digestive tract for later eliminate during the Pancha Karma therapies.