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Rising Spring Cleanse


Days are warming, birds are singing, Spring is Rising.  Are you ready to cleanse and renew for a whole new you?  It’s time for the Rising Spring Ayurvedic  Cleanse and Renew, the self cleanse may be done anytime that suits your schedule.

This 21 day cleanse is an invitation to transform your body, releasing excess, while being deeply nourished and rejuvenated.  During this cleanse, you will need to simplify your activities, but can still work as needed.  This self cleanse  can be done either in person in our clinic, or by distance through phone or skype sessions.

The Spring cleanse begins with a 90 minute consultation done in person or by phone, in which your personal health history is shared, as well as goals and intentions for the cleanse.  Your personal Ayurvedic constitution will also be determined so that the cleanse can be customized for you.  We will then met for a shorter consultation to go over the cleanse and understanding the journey.  the cleanse is totally supported, ongoing check ins, emails, and phone support are available throughout the cleanse itself.  The Springf Cleanse concludes with a post cleanse consultation to understand more deeply your personal transformation and create your rejuvenation plan.

The Rising Spring Cleanse include:

  • A 90 minute – 2 hour personal pre cleanse Ayurvedic consultation
  • A 45 minute – an hour session to go over your personal cleanse
  • A one hour post cleanse Ayurvedic consultation
  • A day to day “How To” Guide, carefully detailing the steps along the way
  • Meal Plan, Shopping list
  • Recommended herbs, teas, and supplements
  • Yoga other movement practices
  • Meditation, and deep relaxation tools
  • Breathing techniques (pranayama)
  • Optional – Cleansing Ayurvedic Massage, which includes exfoliation, organ detoxification, lymphatic and tissue circulation, and herbal steam tent.

Cost of Self Cleanse:

  • $220, plus cost of herbs and oils.
  • $200 – Refer a friend or family member

To Sign up for Cleanse:

  • Email me with any question or concerns
  • Schedule your Pre cleanse Consultation to get started

Welcome aboard on this cleansing journey, while being deeply nourished and rejuvenated, in a balanced approach, unique to your own personal body type.