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The home Pancha Karma experience is an empowering journey into the wonderful world of Ayurvedic cleansing

Home Pancha Karma

The home Pancha Karma program brings this ancient healing opportunity into the comfort of your own home.  It is designed to make Pancha Karma a financially affordable reality.

The home Pancha Karma experience begins with an ayurvedic consultation so that individual constitution can be assessed and a personalized program can be created based upon individual needs.  Then, a home Pancha Karma consultation will be scheduled.  During this consult each step of the home experience will be explained in detail, including self massage, steaming techniques, and other ayurvedic therapies.  The home Pk will be followed by a follow up consultation about a week after the completion of the Pancha Karma.  During the follow up, your progress, pulses, and tongue will be assessed and a rejuvenative herbal formula will be created.

It is recommended that you not work during your home PK, as each day you will need to allow from 2-3 for home ayurvedic treatments.  The PK process is a deep healing immersion which is most successfully done when you can dedicate your full time and attention to healing.

This program is not for everyone, it is best suited for someone who feels comfortable with following detailed instructions on one’s own.  It is also helpful, but not required, to have prior experience with body centered practices like massage therapy, yoga, or other prior cleansing experience.

We have found that a home Pancha Karma works best when the first day is done in the clinic, so that the ayurvedic treatments can be experienced first hand.  This really helps clarify the process and make the home experience deeper, more relaxing, and ultimately more beneficial.

The home Pancha Karma experience is an empowering journey into the wonderful world of Ayurvedic cleansing, and a very vital step the journey of Ayurvedic self discovery.