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Discover your unique ayurvedic constitution and how this relates to your pregnancy.


According to Ayurveda, pregnancy is a sacred time in a woman’s life, where new life is blossoming within. Pregnancy is a time of dynamic change on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Carving out the time for self care, education, and exploration helps to embrace fears and transform this journey into one of greatest miracles of life.

Prenatal services at Living Alchemy Ayurveda include prenatal massage, crainosacral therapy, yoga therapy, and well pregnancy consultations. Look for new classes and products coming soon to help you understand ayurvedic wisdom as it relates to pregnancy.

 Well Pregnancy Ayurvedic consultations

Discover your unique ayurvedic constitution and how this relates to your pregnancy. We will focus upon ayurvedic prenatal nutrition and how to best nourish yourself and your baby during this sacred time. In addition, we will cover guidelines for exercise, breath work, herbals and other special ayurvedic therapies to help you find ease and joy during your prenatal experience, and prepare for the delivery of your new bundle of joy!

90 minutes – $90

 Prenatal massage

Come, and surrender yourself into a journey of profound nurturance and renewal. The prenatal massage with the support of pregnancy wedges, pillows, warm packs, and essential oils, is designed to target areas of prenatal discomfort, and gradually prepare a woman’s body for birth. Women who receive regular massages during pregnancy report healthier pregnancies, stronger bodies and a deeper connection with their blossoming bellies and growing babies.

60 minutes – $70, 90 minutes – $100, discounts of available for multiple sessions.

 Crainosacral Therapy

A woman’s pelvis undergoes radical change during pregnancy to prepare for the upcoming birth. Crainosacral therapy can greatly assist in integrating these shifts, ease lower back pain, sciatica, and prepare for the upcoming birth with ease and grace.

60 minutes – $70

 Yoga Therapy

Pregnancy yoga is crucial for integrating the changes that occur during pregnancy. A personalized pregnancy yoga session is customized for your body and constitution and targets the key asanas during pregnancy to open and strengthen the pelvis, as well as breath exercises and visualizations to prepare you for birth.

60 minutes – $70