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Support for families during prenatal and postpartum time.

Tierra Doula Care

Welcome to Tierra Doula Care, customized services of care and support for families during prenatal and postpartum time.  Tierra means earth in Spanish.  The services are inspired by the planetary village where new parents and new babies can feel a deep sense of connection and support.  Since a mother’s role is central to family integrity and function, supporting the mother during her childbearing time is essential for the foundation of the new family.

According to Ayurveda, there is a six week window of time after birth where the body completely renews itself.  The mother is said to be as delicate as her baby during this sacred window. This is a rare opportunity for deep shifts to occur because the body is so open to integrating change.  Proper time given to rest and renewal during this time is key to allowing the mother to attune to these changes in a way that promotes her health and vitality over the course of her entire lifetime.

Postpartum support is a tradition in many indigenous cultures including India, where this model of Ayurvedic care is sourced.  In India, it is custom for the new mother to have daily meals prepared for her by family or local community elders, and to have daily Ayurvedic massage for rapid recovery.  Additionally, they are many hands available for household support and care for the new baby.  This model is essential here in the United States where postpartum depression, digestive issues, sleep issues, and joint pain are common place for many new mothers.

At Tierra Doula Care, I provide resources to educate families in how to best support the mother and baby during postpartum.   Basic services include, Ayurvedic meals cooked in your home, or delivered to your home, herbal medicine and nutritional education, Ayurvedic postpartum massage, infant massage instruction, and household support.  Caring for families is in this way, ensures the best foundation for our children and our future.  It takes a village to raise a child, may all women receive this support, and our communities once again be a place to call home.