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Marek and Uma are 2 amazing Practitioners and Teachers. They are 2 extremely compassionate beings. I had them both as Teachers at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga and loved their teachings. When I was looking for a Ayurvedic Practitioner Program, I chose Yoga Veda Institute because both Marek and Uma taught there and I have been able to continue to study with both of them. Also in the past I have had Ayurvedic Consultations with them too and their recommendations were wonderful. Between the 2 of them they have so many strengths: Massage, Ayurveda, Herbs, Yoga, Women's Health, etc. One thing that has impressed me about both of them is their continual quest for knowledge as both continue to study even though they are both very seasoned Practitioners. Not only do they profess a Ayurvedic Lifestyle but they practice it. I can't say enough about them. If you are looking for Ayurveda or Massage in Asheville, look no further, Living Alchemy is the best and most compassionate place in Asheville.
Lauren Blount
Ganesh's yoga & Wellness
I have studied Ayurveda with Marek for many years as well as worked with him as my Ayurvedic Practitioner. He is an extremely caring, adept holistic health expert who truly loves sharing Ayurvedic knowledge with his students. He has a deep passion for Ayurveda and a tremendous respect for the classical teachings. He takes the time to listen to students' questions and answer them fully. He really works to empower students to think Ayurvedically. As a Practitioner, he listens and provides custom solutions that are realistic and not overwhelming. I recommend him all the time to people who are looking for an expert-level Ayurvedic Practitioner.
Stephanie Brail
Marek is not only one of my teachers of Ayurveda but also the person I chose to help me work through some deep emotional and physical issues that Western medicine could not address in a sustainable way. He helped me clear up some of my long standing issues with just one consultation which is amazing to me. Marek is extremely knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and a really attentive listener. Highly recommend!
Amanda Dixey
Salem, MA
Marek and Uma are extraordinary teachers of Ayurveda. They breathe clarity and light into the mysteries of this beautiful, complex science, and open doors into sharing and deep dialogue among the group. During their sessions with our Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor class, I was absolutely riveted by both of their teaching styles. They use awesome, illuminating handouts that provide a pathway to follow, flesh-out, and then access for further study. Both Uma and Marek have a certain presence about them as well...every time we had class with them, be it in an on-line conference call or in person, they are completely present in mind/body/spirit with all of us, and the material they share. They are so generous with their time, the quality of feedback they provide for client cases, and the breadth of knowledge they convey. Also, I can't even tell you how much pure joy and laughter our class shared in their presence! They helped to make my experience in this AWC program life-changing and profoundly inspiring as I venture forth into the vast field of Ayurvedic science. I am forever grateful and honored to have had Marek and Uma as teachers. Jai!
Nancy Jurek
Asheville, NC
"I've been going to see Marek since October. Since then, I've seen wonderful progress and results while treating some health issues through Ayurveda. Marek is very professional and kind. I've never had a healthcare practitioner go into such detail of my health issues and history. Everything is tailored specifically to my life and my constitution. It is reassuring to know that he cares about my wellbeing! I highly recommend Living Alchemy! The space is comfortable. He tries to keep the costs down as much as possible and makes the herbal formulas in a timely manner. There is a parking lot next to the building!"
Gabi S.
Asheville, NC
"Marek has helped me approach my health and well-being from a totally holistic perspective by catalyzing a mindset shift and motivated me to change and instill new habits that will better serve the next version of myself. By addressing my lifestyle and small, daily choices, I have been able to exponentially amplify the progress with my chronic, auto-immune condition. The process has never felt overwhelming, but rather, the gradual change Marek has supported in me over time has made lasting impacts on my health. He is relatable, detailed, and easy to talk to. I cannot speak highly enough of Marek's knowledge, approach to healing, and impact he has made on my life!"
Kimber Jones
Yoga Teacher and Educator, Asheville, NC
I feel much more empowered and proactive with my overall health since my first visit. After my 3rd follow-up, I’ve experienced great improvement with my Hashimoto’s and autoimmune symptoms. Best of all, I finally feel heard and understood with these, sometimes mysterious, ailments. Marek is supportive and encouraging, and always considers the best option for my overall wellness. I am very glad I decided to try an ayurvedic approach to my health and appreciate the wisdom that has been shared with me on my journey to better balanced health
Asheville, NC
I am so thankful living alchemy was recommended to me. I have suffered with gastric symptoms for years. Marek’s healing herbs and pitta digest have significantly changed my being. I have hope for the first time that I can help heal my belly. Thank you 😄
Bernadette Masterman
Asheville, NC
Marek taught my yoga teacher training program anatomy & gave us an overview of Ayurveda. I went to see him for an Ayurveda assessment and then for a series of three massages. He gave me the best massages I've ever had that targeted my 'carpel tunnel' (which is mostly long term tension in my neck & shoulders from a wreck). He is working through very old tension and I am seeing results! My hands are no longer numb & tingling when I wake up. His massages are very specific and his knowledge of yoga, anatomy, & Ayurveda really strengthen his ability to look holistically at physical issues. He gave me exercises to do plus helped me improve a few key yoga poses that target the arms, neck, & shoulders. He is easy going and approachable. He ask for and listens to feedback. You won't be disappointed!
Nelle Gregory
Asheville, NC
“I have gotten more in touch with my body, my organs, being able to feel and listen to them when they used to be numb. I used to get really bad menstrual cramps. Now I have been able to stop taking Advil completely. Thank you, Uma!”
Asheville, NC
“I enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage Program at AB-TECH to obtain a license to apply manual therapies to my clients and expand my scope of practice. Mr. Sawicki is passionate about body work and spreading his knowledge. He is compassionate, patient, and encouraging.”
Abbas Rakhshani
PHD, Mind-Body Specialist, The Yoga Wellness Center, Asheville, NC
"Receiving a massage from Marek is the most wonderful healing experience. It is rare to be able to let go and trust that a therapist will find every last spot of tension, use exactly the right amount of pressure and feel relaxed, safe and nurtured. Marek holds space for all of this and so much more. I can’t recommend him enough if you are looking for a complete full body, mind and soul experience!"
Ashley Apple
Yoga Therapist and Tantric Teacher, San Francisco, CA
"I strongly recommend Marek and Uma's work! They are tremendous practitioners with years of experience. They've helped me with many health challenges over the years."
Kristine Kaoverii Weber
Subtle Yoga, Director
"Uma helped me to understand my body's underlying constitution within the framework of the symptoms I was experiencing. We discussed changes I could make and treatments I could use in order to help my body shift back to its more normal state, and I've been happy with how I've been feeling since I've been working with her. I highly recommend her for those looking to make changes in their lives in order to achieve a more optimum level of health and well-being."
Asheville, NC
“I was thoroughly impressed with Uma...Not only because of her knowledge and use of Ayurvedic medicine, but because of her warmth, compassion, sense of humor, and her ability to offer support in an incredibly powerful and beautiful way! I would recommend her services to anyone.”
Asheville, NC
“Uma's perceptive knowledge of Ayurvedic practice and guidance through the pancha karma cleanse, helped significantly in my ongoing journey of health & vitality.”
Asheville, NC
"Amy's ability to be present in a non-invasive way and integrate herself into the family is remarkable. Her willingness to do whatever was needed and her nurturing, calm, centered presence is a great gift."
Dawn and Dean Rosenblum
NY, New York

"It is difficult for me to find the words to describe what this work has meant to me. . . Lush, abundant, happy, fun, healing, and completely nurturing. My son has gained four pounds and has never been sick. He is a walking advertisement for home birth and the Ayurvedic protocol of postpartum healing."

Jenny Hatch, Mother of Five Children, Boulder, CO
"During her daily visits, Amy brought tranquility, groundedness, excellent Ayurvedic cooking, wonderful calming postpartum massage and a true willingness to honor the Mother and serve the family. I happily give the highest recommendation to Amy as a doula."
Neshama Abhrams
Boulder, CO