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Ayurvedic Tierra Doula Services

Tierra Doula Services

  1. Ayurvedic Mother’s Consultation: specific lifestyle, dietary, herbal, and yogic guidance for both pregnancy and postpartum (90 minutes : $90)
  2. Customized Ayurvedic meals:  ($20/hour)
  3. Ayurvedic Postpartum Massage: (60 minutes – $70, 90 minutes – $100)
  4. Infant Massage Instruction: ($50)
  5. Shopping, Household help, and Childcare: ($15-$20 / hour)
  6. Specialized Herbal Support:
    1. Sweet Water Lactation Tea: Fennel and Fenugreek Tea for optimal milk flow
    2. Almond Rejuvenative: Coconut, almond, sucanet, gum acacia, cardamon, ginger, nutmeg, ghee, saffron, and milk roasted and blended together into a sweetly delightful nutritive snack which aids in knitting tissues back together, promotes strength, lactation, and hormone balance.
    3. Savory Digestive Chewing Herbs: Coconut, sesame seeds, fennel seeds ,licorice, cardamom, clove, tumeric, and, rock salt roasted and mixed together into a tasty digestive aid, which reduces gas, bloating and aids in restoring digestive function.
    4. Cell Rejuvenative: Dashmool, an ancient Ayurvedic formula, blending 10 roots together this formula is essential after birth to assist in cell growth, and provides calm to the pelvic area, recollecting vata dosha and bringing it to the colon where it can be easily eliminated.
    5. Shatavari Kalpa: Shatavari, cardamom, ghee, sucanet, a traditional formula, Shatavari is considered the best herb for women’s health in Ayurvedic Medicine, It strengthens the uterus, balances hormones, and helps to prevent miscarriage. It is the recommended herbal formula during pregnancy and is helpful in postpartum as well, to tone the uterus, and promote lactation.

Additional Services also Available:

  • Crainosacral Therapy: also recommended for newborns (60 minutes – $70, newborns – 30 minutes – $40)
  • Yoga Therapy: (60 minutes – $70, routine provided)

***Discounts are available for multiple sessions.  Weekly packages are also available.